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Swiss Global Center for Educational
Institutions (SwissGCEI)
SwissGCEI is part of the Swiss Global Center, the world's leading provider of education, professional, and language certification and assessment.

Modern society is evolving in an era of rapid technological advancement, rapidly changing consumer needs, and a constantly adapting work environment.

SwissGCEI is an acronym that stands for Swiss Global Center for Educational Institutions and refers to the learning activities that students and professionals engage in to develop and improve their knowledge and skills. SwissGCEI is an independent body for screening and certifying educational institutions internationally and is not affiliated to any government organization.

The Swiss Global Center for Educational Institutions (SwissGCEI)  is an independent accreditation organization working across all industry sectors. All organizations, from small consulting firms to large training providers, multi-national corporations, conference and event organizers, universities, further education colleges, and councils can benefit from SwissGCEI certification.

SwissGCEI is a powerful learning tool for improving skills, ensuring academic credentials do not become obsolete, and taking an empowering approach to career advancement.

The SwissGCEI Certification assists businesses and institutions in formalizing their expertise into a structured and recognized learning approach. Find how to become an accredited partner.

SwissGCEI Certified Educational Organization.png
  • ​Primary Schools

  • Language Centers

  • Universities

  • Companies

  • Training Providers

Certification process

The SwissGCEI certification process is straightforward, and it assists organizations in formalizing their knowledge into a recognized approach to learning.


Step 01: Complete Form
Contact us using our simple application form and tell us about your organization, training courses, and events.
Step 02: Make Payment
Complete the payment to get certified with SwissGCEI.
Step 03: Become Certified
Use the SwissGCEI quality mark on your certificates, diplomas, website and marketing materials for events.
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